"& Fashion" Series: Meet Helloimmia

Bread & Bullets is all about innovation and passion.  We've sought out creative pioneers and picked their brains to learn about their "&" - fashion. We've collaborated with four bloggers to continue our "& [ ]" series and find out their influences, ideas, and what motivates them.  First up is Ms. Lilas Mia of Helloimmia.

What influenced you to start a fashion blog?

I've always been artsy and creative growing up and try to surround myself with like-minded individuals. Having been inspired by several bloggers I've followed, I realized I also had my own story to tell. I got into photography and modeling as a hobby which ultimately pushed me to start my journey.

How would you describe your style and what inspires the way you dress?

Participating in photoshoots and fashion shows influenced my passion for dressing up. I'm all about comfort with an edge, whether it'd be a jewelry piece (Lost Queens are my favorite so far), some cool nail polish or dope kicks. Details are as important as statement pieces!

If you know me, I love colors that accentuates my complexion so summer's all about white, coral and dark reds for me. I've recently been into the minimal/sporty look, especially sneakers! I've been eyeing classic Adidas as well as the tubular, which brings me to express my love for menswear and its fit. You don't have to wear the shortest and tightest dress to feel feminine or to stand out.

Lastly, I have to mention my thrifting skills and the joys of finding pieces you won't see on the latest rack with unbeatable prices.

What do you hope to achieve as a fashion blogger? 

I want travel and explore to see how other cultures define as "fashion." There's so much to learn from others not to be curious and adventurous. Fashion is self-expression and you have full control as the artist. Understand your style, embrace what compliments your body and have fun; be you.

Would you like to shout anybody out or leave a final message for the readers?

I'd like to send love to all my readers over the past 2 years since I started "Hello, I'm Mia." People approach me and tell me how inspiring my blog has been and that energy is exactly what I use to keep going.

Whatever you're passionate about, go for it. I want my readers to understand the concept that no matter what it is you're putting your heart into, if it's not fun then you're doing it wrong.

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Posted on July 17, 2015 .